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Clara doesn’t actually make the stuff…

but she is the inspiration behind Clara’s


Clara (Clarissa) was Samirah’s grandmother, a wonderful chef and a gem of a human.

She was a fancy lady with a touch of absurdity. She had a really quirky sense of humor, but there was a time and place for everything.

For her, love was in the food. Food wasn’t just for the body, it was for the soul. She loved bringing people together over food, and having everything be beautiful. She was fancy, fun, and the ultimate hostess.

Clara is the inspiration behind Clara’s Groovy Deliciousness, and she’s woven into everything we do—from flavor and composition, to a beautiful presentation. They just don’t make them like this anymore. We hope we to do her proud!


Hey y’all.. Samirah here. I am almost always laughing. I have an obsession with table etiquette (and good manners in general) and am moderately (actually not moderate at all) over the top with an affinity for sparkly things.

The moment I fell in love with sugar:

My grandmother didn’t use an electric mixer, she used a hand beater (like the one in our logo)

She was making world famous lemon meringue pie (technically it wasn’t world famous, but it should have been!) – and watching her turn egg whites from a bowl of goo into a fluffy cloud of awesome was pure magic.. Meringue wasn’t just meringue. I watched the gooey egg whites turn into magic, and I wanted to see what she made next. I wanted to be a part of it. Whenever she was in the kitchen, I was beside her, watching everything that she did. I was mesmerized.

A not so closeted nerd who went from engineer to baker (via a long and windy road) and could not be happier.

M2 Photography

M2 Photography


One of my fondest memories is of my grandmother singing this every time i came to the house, complete with a little dance. the minute she started singing i knew there was something yummy in the very near future.